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Though long overdue, we still very much wish to thank the following people for all their help in making our move a success. We couldn't have done it without you!

Our Movers
MovingDave Palumbo & Mark Twombly, Jay & Lori packing the truck the night before
Mom and Dad (x2), Ryan Wasserman, Thomas & Christina Nielsen, Seth, Jay & Lori unpacking on move-in night; waiting around all day for the call to action; providing us with an incredible and much-needed dinner (Ry's mom)

Our Lawyer
David Alberts It was wonderful having a lawyer we could trust 110%, who was always looking out for our best interests (even if we didn't want to hear it), and who was so easy to work with. We highly recommend his services — and if you're lucky, he'll let you shoot pool in his basement.

Our Realtor
Kathi Masters We had the privilege of discovering Kathi at a different house on our street than the one we ended up buying...after all, as Kathi always says, it IS her favorite street. If you ever need a realtor in our area, Kathi is an excellent choice: We found her to be personable, readily available, highly attentive to our desires (however frivolous they were), and very straightforward.

Our Inspector
<Insert Name Here> — This is the second time we've used <insert name here again> for a home inspection; the first time was for Ryan's condo purchase in 2001. He was very thorough, he let Ryan follow him around asking questions, and his inspection report was detailed and accurate.

Our Cleaning Crew
Mom (x2), Lori, Aunt Ilse, Thomas & Christina — How wonderful it was to finish unpacking the truck and discover our bed already put together and made in our new bedroom, waiting for us to crash after a long day's work (Lori and Ry's mom). And to be able to walk across our badly-beaten floors with confidence, knowing that the only dirt on them was OUR dirt (Thomas & Christina). And to use the kitchen cabinets and countertops with confidence after they were emptied and cleaned (my dad and Ry's mom) And finally the one job that NO new homeowner wants to tackle: cleaning the new bathroom! Thanks to my mom and Aunt Ilse for making it shine — yes, it took two people to clean our bathroom on two seperate days...you'd understand if you saw it. PS Are you guys available again? It could use another good cleaning...


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