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The Master Bedroom

Hole in our FloorHole in our Wall
(Click on either photo to englarge and see more.)

These two photos show some of the termite damage we discovered in the house after moving in. (Yes, after.) There are no longer active termites, but years of damage has been done. In the first picture, you can see where the termites ate through our hardwood floors, and the PO* decided to solve the problem by covering over it with tape in assorted colors. So hmm...that indicates to me that they knew there was termite damage and hmm...isn't something like that required to be disclosed beforehand? At any rate, I don't understand how you could sleep at night listening to termites a few feet away, crunching on your floors, and do nothing about it but tape over it and hope it stops.

So this got us to thinking...if there's damage on the floors, and if there are tunnels under the floors in the basement, perhaps there's damage in the walls, too. Well, if you enlarge the second picture, you can see the damage in the walls a little bit closer. After poking the baseboards with a screwdriver, we discovered the termites ate out all the wood behind the paint on the baseboard, which basically gauranteed Ryan would be opening up the wall to get a closer look. The center square of insulation is Ryan's handiwork, and its in stark contrast to the paper-eaten insulation surrounding it. Kinda gross.

I'm just glad that we've had a professional deal with the termite problem, that there's nothing against the house for the termites to climb or live in anymore (we've long since destroyed any tunnels), and that the rotten, termite-eaten pine tree stump is gone from that corner of the house. But alas, the damage has been done.

We're so used to looking at that stuff, we don't really see it anymore, and the photo below — NOT picturing the holes — is really how our bedroom FEELS.

*PO = Previous Owner


Outside spacer Basement spacer Bath spacer Kitchen spacer Living Room spacer Bedroom spacer Office  ...  Condo
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