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The Condo
Only the photos of the master bedroom and bathroom were taken BEFORE packing began in the condo. I know I have pre-packing photos of the rest of the rooms SOMEwhere, but unfortunately you'll have to wait to see them until I find them...
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Master Bedroom

Our beautiful bed canopy...in the 2nd photo, it's in the process of being taken down.

I've tried to make the following photos follow some kind of logical order. Each picture is *for the most part* to the right of the preceeding.

Every girl's gotta have her own hooks for hanging that excessive amount of sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. (There are many more than these 4, believe me — this picture was taken when the condo was on the market and we were trying to convey a sense of minimalism.)

I love this rug. Thank you, Tar-jay. It is next to our bed in the new house, as well, but is fearfully dirty...


Master Bathroom

I think you need a close-up of the ducks to truly appreciate them...

Does anyone see a trend developing here...?

Special thanks to Amanda for the duck mat and the duck candle (above, right), as her contribution to my theme. And if you look closely in the top bathroom photo above, you can see my suction cup Star Wars Space Station on the right of the mirror. Sorry to invade on your theme, duckies ;)

By the way, that "fog-free" mirror from Bed, Bath, and Beyond...? It's not fog-free. It's not even fog-resistant. I would say it's downright foggy. But the suction cups work pretty darn good.

This was our clever solution to having no
handle on the inside of the shower door.
Here's the only photo I've found of our guest bathroom. You can see how often we used the shower by noting the other clever uses we found for it...


Living Room & Dining Room

The first view is of the living room just after we started packing. (Notice the pile of pillows, the packing tape on the coffee table, the misplaced dining room chair, and one of our office bookshelves?) The second view is of the living room mid-move.

So the boxes began their empty lives in the bath tub and ended their journey in the dining room. Wondering how the full boxes escaped from the dining room to the moving truck...?

Thanks for your help, gentlemen!



Unfortunately, the only pictures I could find of the kitchen were of this gigantic bug (before termination and after) that graced us with its presence one night — notice how big it is in comparison to the fly-swatter?! Scary sucker. But you get a nice glimpse of our lovely wallpaper border, though I was very fond of the floor tile.


2nd Bedroom a.k.a. Our Office

Here is our office mostly pre-packing (Ryan managed to sneak a shelf-worth's of stuff into a box before I could whip out the camera). My corner was on the left with the Macs — one is not pictured — and his corner was on the right with the XP and Linux machines. We manage to get along despite our differences.

We absolutely loved the color of this room. When Ryan and I were still dating and he was living solo in the condo, I suggested he paint the office red, and this is the color he came home with. I was very proud ;) The lighting in the room was also improved when Ryan installed a square of track lighting on the ceiling — notice the two pendants hanging down over our desks.

Hanging between our bookshelves (which Ryan made, by the way, and the super-nice new condo owner let us take with us) is a collage made by Ryan, Nancy, and myself from magazine cut-outs. Many Macworld and Good Housekeeping magazines contributed to this colorful display, inspired by my college roommate, Jen, and her blue collage. It's amazing what you can do with scizzors, glue sticks, some old magazines, and a little bit of free time.

Our favorite part of the office was, by far, the window seat. What a wonderful spot to relax with a good book.

Another great feature of the office was its HUGE closet...

Though mostly empty in these two photos above, this closet was the perfect place to store all our extra accumulated STUFF. Not only was it fairly wide, but it was also considerably deep — there was about another foot of space in front of the file cabinet, pictured left, just to give you an idea. And believe me when I tell you it was stuffed to the brim in its pre-packing days. Thank goodness for the two sets of bifold doors Ryan installed after removing two inconvenient sliding doors, giving us easy access to everything all at once.

Starting to notice how handy Ryan is? See why he wanted a whole HOUSE to remodel? =)


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