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The Site Survey

Site Survey
(Click to enlarge.)

As you can see, our lot is 70' wide x 100' deep. Not overly huge, but big enough, especially in our neighborhood. The largest lot on our street is 100' x 100' (owned by a police officer who put on an addition like ours 2 years ago), and our neighbor across the stret has a 40' x 100' lot (yikes), although they back up to woods owned by the middle school down the street. I guess it's normal for lots to be smaller in a little lake community like ours.

When shopping for a house, our one yard specification was that it be a wiffle ball yard. That definitely wasn't going to happen at the first house we went under contract on. And I don't know if adults could play wiffle ball in THIS yard (we had no trouble hitting balls out of my parents' 150' x 100' yard), but it will be a perfect size for kids some day. Plus, there are ball fields at each end of our street, so I certainly can't complain.

The filled-in black area in the middle of the survey is at the back of our house and represents the second floor cantilever (on the left) and the new kitchen bump-out (on the right). This altered survey had to be submitted to the township along with an original copy of our survey. The copies the town got weren't all smudged out, of course — they kind of need to know where we live. ;)

Ryan plans to enlarge the driveway once the addition is all done, in preparation for the two-car garage we hope to add some day down the road. The driveway would be two cars wide and two cars deep (more than that until we add the garage, which will sit back from the house about four feet).

If the township decides to add curbs and a sidwalk to our road this summer, justifying the rumors we've heard, we would lose a little of our front yard, which I guess technically isn't ours anyway. But that would give us a nice opportunity to make some kind of cute path from the sidewalk straight to the front door, perhaps through an arbor or gate.


Blueprints spacer Site Survey spacer Downstairs Layout spacer Upstairs Layout
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