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The Blueprints
Here is a rough sketch of our current floorplan:

The square of dotted lines in the hallway represents our drop-down attic stairs. It also represents our heat. We have a grate in the middle of the hallway floor through which the whole house is heated. It works pretty well and we went the whole winter without being cold...except for that one night we had a bunch of people sleeping over and we had to sleep with our bedroom door shut. We woke up pretty cold that next morning.

And *drumroll please* here is the revised first floor plan:

Floor Plans
(Click on the diagram to see it bigger.)

You'll notice the two bedrooms have become the living room, the full bath is now a half bath, the living room is now the dining room / staircase, and the kitchen is moved around a bit. There is a new addition out the back of the kitchen, and the side stairs have been moved back to make room for an eventual phase 2 (the garage). There are also stairs to the back yard, and we hope to some day add a patio to the left of those stairs against the house.

FYI — Those dotted lines with white circles represent overhead lights and the electric connecting them. The circles coming out of the walls (usually under the windows) with the two lines through them represent outlets. The missing dimensions are my fault...too much cutting and pasting.

I will post the blueprints for the second floor once I get a chance to scan them...


Blueprints spacer Site Survey spacer Downstairs Layout spacer Upstairs Layout
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