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Home Restoration Journals / Photos

Enon Hall — VA Colonial / Dutch Colonial (weekly updates)
House In Progress — Chicago Bungalow (daily updates)
1912 Bungalow — L.A. Bungalow (INCREDIBLE before/after photos)
To Restore a Home... — VA Victorian (they've made lots of progress)
Expiration Dates — Washington (one couple building a whole house!)
Brickman House — Delaware Victorian (a wacky family, to be sure)
Our Old House — Indianapolis Colonial (they REPLACED their foundation)
My Old House — Brooklyn Row House (really nice homemade built-ins)
Our Victorian House — NJ Victorian (frilly site, GREAT before/after photos)
Santantonio.net — 1/2 a Victorian Duplex (gotta love their front hall)
One Woman, 5 Cats & a Crowbar — NJ Colonial Revival (need I explain?)

Yard Sites / Resources

Tour de Yard — Central California (no recent udpates...)
Springhill Nurseries — Great plant resource (thanks, Benai!)

Colonial Home Resources

Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. — Beautiful, TRADITIONAL Colonial home designs
Updating Colonials: Design Ideas... — An excellent resource, by Matthew Schoenherr

General Online Home Resources

Historic Houseparts — Like the name says...
Rejuvenation — Great old parts, especially light fixtures
Freecycle — Get used stuff FREE from people in your area (we got appliances here!)
Historic Properties — Check out those $1 VA homes just BEGGING for restoration...
Better Homes & Gardens — I've spent many hours using "Arrange-A-Room"
Certainteed — A nifty tool for previewing different siding/roofing/trim color combos
Home Improvement — From faucets to furniture, "Chosen Sites" has it covered          

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