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Thanks for checking out Raise the Ranch! We initially started this site to show friends and family the pictures of our funny little house, purchased on Halloween, 2003. But as we began to clean up the place — and continually post our progress online — this site took on a life of its own and has developed into what you see today.

Here's the breakdown on the Homeowners:

By day, Ryan works in IT. But by night, this superhero is super-talented around the house, tackling electrical, plumbing, landscaping, and woodworking projects. He is Leah's perfect handyman (sorry, Dad).

Leah is a freelance Web / graphic designer, which leaves her with time to design projects of her own — like this site. So far, her home renovation tasks include painting, taking pictures, making suggestions, taking pictures, and writing about it all for the world to see — and taking pictures (you'd think she'd be better at it by now).


This site was made on a G4 Mac in Dreamweaver MX and was tested mostly in Internet Explorer (don't tell Steve Jobs). Please let Leah know if you find any problems, or use the link below to send feedback.

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